Wouldn't you like to know
your skin's inherent power
to make itself beautiful?

We touch our customer's skin, and we touch their hearts.
We understand their needs and desires. And we discover the keys that unlock their true beauty.

How strong is your skin's power to make itself beautiful?

Everyone's skin has its own inherent power to make itself more beautiful.
Unfortunately, this power is often suppressed by environmental stress, aging, and other factors. Then, skin can't fight against damage effectively, and problems appear.

With the Handy Skin Sensor, SHISEIDO's exclusive
high technology skin measurement device
, you can know your skin's inherent power, and if necessary, learn how you can awaken it, to achieve strong, beautiful skin for life.

The compact, highly functional sensor, engineered with leading-edge technology, measures and analyzes your skin in just 2-3 minutes. Results are displayed in easily understandable numbers and graphs, so you will instantly know:

  • the level of your skin's inherent power to make itself beautiful
  • the "age" of your skin texture
  • the accumulation of melanin within the measured part of your skin
  • the foundation color that will most naturally blend to your skin tone

* With 16 languages included, the Handy Skin Sensor can measure skin of customers from around the world

Multi-Defensive Power HSS

Calculates the skin's estimated inherent power to make itself beautiful, by analyzing the texture of the skin on the cheeks and around the mouth. The readout shows you how much dormant power can be awakened within your skin.

Skin Texture Analysis

Shows the skin's moisture level and effective age by analyzing a captured skin image. Through the images and measurements, you can understand your skin texture's current condition.

Melanin Analysis

Measures melanin both on and under the skin, and displays its accumulation in a graph. Now you can see how much melanin you have under the measured part of your skin, so you can provide care for it appropriately.

Skin Tone Measurement

Measures the skin tone of the cheeks and the neck, so you can choose your best foundation color match, for the most natural-looking blend with your skin tone.

Counseling Flow

  • Skin Measurement

    Use of the Handy Skin Sensor gives you an understanding of your skin's condition.

  • Counseling

    Personalized recommendations based on your particular skin concerns.

  • Selection of Products

    A customized choice of products based on your skin's specific condition.

  • Product Demonstration

    Learn the ideal product usage methods, for best results.

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