Lifting Mask Science EX

Now, impart the latest science to your skin. An original sheet-type mask saturated in effective ingredients that adheres perfectly to skin, refining texture and firming facial contours that are key to a beautiful, youthful appearance.
・Mask adheres perfectly to skin with Lift-up Technology, promoting the quick permeation of generous amounts of effective ingredients deep beneath the skin surface. After removal, the benefits are immediate — skin is fully moisturized and radiant.

  • For Face
  • Day/Night
  • Day/Night
  • 30ml×6
・Each mask consists of two pieces. Mask 1 is for the upper half of the face, Mask 2 is for the lower half. Apply Mask 1 first, and then Mask 2.
・Open the packet with dry hands. Carefully remove the masks as they are generously saturated with serum.
・Apply after using cleanser, softener and serum.
・As an intensive treatment use 1-2 times a week as needed.
1. Apply Mask 1 from the packet. Gently unfold and hold both sides of the mask to apply. Position so that the eye openings are correctly aligned with the eyes and smooth over the forehead and cheeks.
2. Apply Mask 2 from the packet. There is a connected flap that fits below the chin and jaw line. Gently unfold and apply from below the eyes, adjusting the mask so that the nose and mouth openings are correctly aligned. Smooth over the cheeks, along the jaw line and under the chin. Next, detach the flap from the right side of the mask by pulling with one hand while holding the mask with the other. Then, pull the flap end upward along the jaw line so that it adheres to skin, ending next to the ear while placing one hand on the chin to firmly keep it in place. Repeat on the other side.
3. Press lightly over the entire face to secure the mask.
4.Remove after approximately 10 minutes and blend any remaining serum into skin.
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