Fusing the finest of Shiseido’s scientific and experiential achievements, FUTURE SOLUTION LX treats skin to unparalleled care, nurturing its ability to self-regenerate.

A highly superior,
luxurious night cream

This cream is formulated with a high concentration of Shiseido’s exclusive SkingenecellEnmei, a component of which helps accelerate age-defending benefits and encourage the vitalizing forces that renew beautiful skin from its source.

Total Regenerating Cream E

Beauty Longevity System

Beauty Longevity System actively promotes the regeneration
of beautiful skin cells and delivers high skincare effects.
By supplying SkingenecellEnmei day and night,
skin will achieve long-lasting beauty into the future.

The Philosophy of FUTURE SOLUTION LX

Through a reverence for all living things, Japanese people cherish and
learn from the simplicity and harmony of nature.